Precious Mettle*

They say that silence is golden
But what if you disregard gold?
What if such costly material
Makes your senses run cold?

What if silence were silver?
-Would that lessen its place in the world
As a shiny, protective shelter
When things are out of kilter?

What if silence were made of tin,
Pragmatic, unremarkable,
Shiny but dim?
Bending all ways and taking the dents
But rusting in the rain, to all intents…

Silence, though, is paper-thin,
Ephemeral, letting anything in,
The general clatter of daily living
Constant, relentless, unforgiving;
Armed to the teeth with technical distractions
Demanding instantaneous reactions;
Staffed by a force of unwitting consumers
Hot on the heels of trends and rumours,
Caught in a cycle of repeated behaviours
Affirming technology as a Saviour.

Silence, then, needs tender care
In order to sustain it there,
In order to invite the faith
That, should we choose to step away,
The ones we love will not disperse
With angry, vitriolic curse
But recognise the time we take
In order simply to reshape.



*From a hard-earned place of belief that the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one of all.

WRT Carl Rogers’ On Becoming a Person – (also in paperback!)


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