Discrimination is difficult
For me to understand.
Perhaps, in the simplest sense,
Because I’m dealt a different hand.
I cannot conjecture the root of motivation
For the vileness of hatred, alienation,
Divined by a basic sense of difference
With absolutely no line of defence.
A sense of power so extreme,
A drive for mastery beyond the obscene,
A vicious, self-constructed threat
With no recourse
And no regret.
Give a man a weapon
Then sit back and observe
Whether or not
He shares the devil’s nerve;
The wherewithal
For a judgement call
That’s solidly based
On nothing at all.
Render to no man
Evil for evil
However compelling
The power of free will;
However God-given
The sense of supremacy
That sets a person separately;
However distorted
That sense of right
That somehow endorses
The desire to fight.
America, America
When will you ever learn
That the Right To Bear Arms
Is just License To Harm?



*Republished in response to the shooting of an unarmed black man in the USA. The list grow longer.



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