My Home Town

When I wake up in the morning, Lord,¹
With the seagulls in my ears,
I’m daily reminded of why I love living here:
A short walk from the seafront,
The very edge of a nation-
A curious geographical fact
And theme of constant contemplation!

I love the sound of these handsome birds
Gathering to start their day,
A swelling, dissynchronous chorus,
As is their ritual way:
The chitter-chatter of luminous beaks,
The flat pat-patter of wide webbed feet,
The sounds that awaken the length of the beat…
A fabulous display.

I love the sight of these elegant beasts
In their handsome simplicity:
Substantial in their numbers,
A symbol of local geography
That walking down an ordinary street
Has me end up at the beach,
Where pebbles abound to lob in the sea
(Unless you’re as bad an aim as me!!)

I love the unmarked diversity
Of avian life in my elected home *city *²
Symbolic, perhaps, of acceptance and calm
As long as there’s no risk of harm;
As long as we can rub along
With or without a football song.
For more than half my life now
It’s been quite good to me,
This melting-pot of human ideals:
Good Ol’ Sussex by the Sea.³


¹Respect and inspiration due to Bill Withers- enjoy!!        

²The lesser celebrated sparrows, robins, blackbirds etc etc…

³Also a well-loved local football song!


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