After the Fire

Is this a National State of Turmoil
As politicians and public en masse recoil
From the taking and making and breaking decisions,
The spats, recriminations, inevitable derision,
As the general public, confused if you will,
Try to extract meaning and purpose still?
A Union broken, perhaps beyond repair:
Too many voices competing there.
Too many discourses
Too many ways
Too many ideas
Too much still to say.
Oh, England, my lion heart,*
Has it come to this, that we should pull apart
Everything our forebears worked to unite
Simply because we have the right?
I hear the ring of playground days,
Debate reduced to childish ways,
The ‘My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad’ argument
That will only ever provoke resentment.
We must be able to circumvent this
If only in the name of still doing business-
If only in the name of collective endeavour,
Though few relationships last forever
Without some discord, some misunderstanding,
The need to reflect, negotiate and plan things…
If relationship therapy’s off the table
It’s hard to believe we’ll ever be able
To find and reframe a mutual respect
With Entente Cordiale summarily shipwrecked.
The future’s ours- a collective voice:
Statements of opinion both a right and a choice.
‘Respect for all’, the National Imperative
For living together in the affirmative:
‘United we stand, divided we fall’
The most important history lesson of all.


*credit to the eponymous Kate Bush classic


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