A Consequence of Ambivalence?

So what happens now
As we settle the row
Over inning or outing,
Supporting or doubting,
Over Boris or Dave,
Over access and trade,
Over winners and losers
And pickers and choosers?

What happens now
To the previously-ambivalent,
The people didn’t bother to consent;
The It-Doesn’t Matter-Mates
Who simply didn’t participate
Whether through purposeful negligence
Or a simple lack of political confidence?

What happens now
As Boris trumps Dave
With mighty ego and Bullingdon ways,
And Corbyn, having been roundly exposed
As one who’s really not on his toes,
Scratches his chin
As the voters begin
To think about Europe
All over again?

What happens now
Demands conviction-
Defining access as much as restrictions,
Inspecting the small-print, unpicking details
Because the outcome cannot fail:
Because what happens now
Will not be undone
For very many years to come.







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