A Day of Reckoning

‘Tis the day of national election:
Responsibility to make the selection
Of a named political representative
With the power to make or break how we live.
Sparing superfluous history lessons
(And those inevitable front-page confessions)
What happens in the vote today
Will likely either relieve or dismay.
The things is, then, who’ll take the blame?
Who’ll be relentlessly named and shamed?
What if the outcome’s not what you hoped-
Will you be seeking a public scapegoat?
Will you be ranting at the TV
Or celebrating what’s coming to be?
Will your anger and your grief
In some way provide much-needed relief,
A heartfelt sense of vindication
For the future of the Nation?
Either way, if you couldn’t be fussed,
To get off your backside and mark your cross,
You waive your right to any opinion
On the future of our shared dominion.
So, Option A, just stay where you are
Watching the telly while having a jar;
Sit on your backside,
Heckle and gloat.
Or, Option B
Get out there and






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