Freedom of Information

Give a child a piece of string:
They’ll use it to secure things.
Though adults know a piece of rope
Disturbingly increases scope.

Give a child a blacklead pencil:
They’ll quickly learn the simple thrill
Of making marks upon a page,
Expressing joy as much as rage.

Give a child a paperclip:
Encourage administrative stewardship.
Temptations to unbend the length
A tensile test of creative strength.

Give a child a football:
They’ll learn it’s OK to appal
All in the name of Supporting The Team,
A curiously protected, accepted extreme.

Give a child a mobile device:
And watch an unwitting encounter with vice.
No signs of boundary or prevention.
A pernicious, unchallenged social convention.

Give a child infinite liberty:
Simple electronic anonymity.
Then stand back and say you had no idea
Of all they have encountered here.



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