On every path
Of any length
There’ll be a pothole
Or a fence
Or maybe just a random puddle
To further muddy any muddle,
Lanes so tangled up with weeds
It’s nigh on impossible to succeed.
Without a moment’s pause for thought
On whether one could, should, would or ought…
Is it possible time spent in pontification
Simply encourages prevarication?
-Chasing decisions like bubbles in a net
Forgetting entirely plain ol’ Cause-Effect,
A small chain reaction with big ideas,
Running the gamut from hopes to fears.
Sitting right down at the bend in the road
And taking some time to simply decode
The signs and signals past and present,
Things we love and things we resent,
Making a list and checking it twice.¹
May just help distinguish
The Grrrrrreat from plain Nice…
May help remind of those things to protect
At the same time releasing the stuff we regret.
You gotta lay down your burdens
Before they burn you out,
Clear out all the redundant stuff
And brush away the doubt.
Stock-check all you hold most dear
Think Preservation over Fear.
Trust your instinct,
Check your soul
Be prepared to take control:
Leaning into unknown things
Inevitably means
You’ll spread your wings.
We always miss
What we wouldn’t decide…
I’m saying, ‘Hey, fella:
Take a walk on the wild side.’²



¹-it’s a long time till Christmas… Santa Claus is Coming to Town- Eddie Cantor
²-credit to Lou Reed’s landmark classic. Link unavailable.



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