History In The Making*

Would you rather grow old
And your skin start to fold
Or take to the needle
Just hoping to wheedle
A small degree of intervention
Just by way of elementary prevention,
Believing reducing the signs of ageing
Is just a gentler way of staging
Something inherent, inevitable,
And ultimately irrevocable?
The choices are stark
Should you choose to embark
On marshalling such fears
By holding back years…
A subtle kind of artifice,
(Beginnings of a Narcissist?)
A process once begun in earnest
With possibilities to progress
By fine and gradual degree,
The challenge of staying wrinkle-free
Seems to evolve exponentially…
So would we prefer
To let time take its toll,
Show that we’ve earned
Our place on the roll
As those experienced in life,
Not surgically morphed in secrecy,
Fearful of clues exposing our history…?
What might you hope to see in the mirror
Would surgery diminish or enhance your fear,
A snowball rolling down a hill,
Unable to resist time still.
*I watch too much TV… increasingly noticing the tell-tale signs of botox, cut ‘n’ stretch procedures and silicone implants in the faces of some female presenters. Body dysmorphia is growing 21st century phenomenon.







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