Right To Buy


Western Wealth
Is a curious thing-
An unspoken right to everything.
To power, control and ruling ideas,
Parameters of life, judged mostly by fear.
The Haves worried sick about what they might lose
The Have-Nots surviving, unable to choose.
A simple contradiction
In letters bold and tall
Running through a stick of rock
To sweeten it all.
Money Maketh Man,
And women in their turn
But all the tea in China
Won’t encourage us to learn.
The heated roar of rhetoric
Will not, it seems, our conscience prick
As seated here quite comfortably
Events unfold on streamed TV
Allowing us to vex and grieve
At stuff so bad we can’t believe
But, frankly, can do nothing about,
So why on God’s earth
Should we bother to doubt?









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