Future Perfect

I hold my hands up to courting controversy
On the business of adolescent mental health:
On the question of aetiology,
We cannot afford to ignore Western wealth.
The ignominious luxury
Of over-used technology
To counsel, guide and to inform,
May actually be causing harm
Insidiously cultivating
Chinks and links: Demotivating.
Creating a sense of difference
For those less confident or content.
So, grown-ups, teach your children well:
Don’t leave it to society
To inculcate the rights and wrongs
Through Information Technology.
Don’t plead out loud the strife they make
Because you find it hard to take,
Control relinquished long ago
Because that seemed the way to go,
Yes, out of desperation-
That isn’t inconceivable
But the greater sadness comes
From finding it believable
That nothing, nothing, NOTHING AT ALL
Should stand in the way of having it all,
Inclining a generation, it seems,
To flounder in pursuit of dreams,
The world of virtual reality
Determining how they ought to be
While adults, in the name of progress
Haven’t the courage for collective redress,
Still plying kids with electronic devices
-Deemed a ‘necessity’ irrespective of prices…





and, slightly scary-


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