Learning Curve*

Lessons in Life
Are complex these days,
With so much attention to individual ways:
Perceptions of one-ness outweighing Gestalt,
Questing for fame and fast result…
Which leads me to wonder if,
When I am old,
Cultural history will no longer be told;
Everything converted to digital notation,
Eluding entirely the ‘older’ generation
While those on the verge of general accession
Will be gifted by default with complete possession
Of all that stands for evolution.
Plenty of problems,
No hands-on solutions.
How did it happen we failed to notice
That aspects of youth can feel quite hopeless?
How did it happen we gave up the task
Of encouraging those in struggle to ask
For help, support, encouragement,
An open mind to entrust their torment?
How did it happen we sold them out
To hand held devices at extortionate prices?
How did it happen we’ve all been fooled
That solutions are found in electronic tools…?


*written in response to observing the heightened anxiety that seems to permeate teenage social relationships as a result of the little-questioned challenge of social media, sadly coinciding with recent headline news.






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