Brighton Cyclist

Witless w***** on two wheels,
While I get the Freedom appeal
The way you ride your rusty steed
Expresses sentiments of greed
As well as base stupidity,
A casual alacrity
To wend your way across the road
With disregard for the Highway Code.
I might confess I wish you ill,
The way you compromise at will
The basic safety of road users
With your casual highway abuses.
The urge to harm has crossed my mind…
Although in truth I could not find
The nerves required to run you down-
(Though sure that I am not alone
In wishing Bad Things for your journey
That road we share, absurdly curvy(!)
Bending sharply up a hill.)
MY GOODNESS¹- How I wish you ill!!
A thought that with impatience grows
Tempted as I am to bulldoze…
Just a little, teeny nudge
Would surely cause your bulk to budge-
Lost in music,
Headphones humming.
Knowing you won’t hear me coming…


¹Other far more emotive expletives are available…

Just one of many examples…

and then


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