On Reflection

Frida Kahlo had a monobrow.
She seemed quite proud it should be so,
A luscious, caterpillar feature
She seemed keen to have on show.
I admire this statement as one without words
A lesson to all women on fixating the absurd;
That walking tall with attitude and faith in capability,
Though quietly simple in its mode,
Is an honest a way to be.
A note to those who still avow
To pluck and preen and so, kow-tow
To each and every current trend:
Tweaking the arch, emphasising the bend
The shaving bits off and drawing them on…
How many ways can such nonsense go on?
Walking tall with attitude and faith in capability
Although outrageous in Frieda’s day
Seems quietly simple in its way.
A lesson we might each take on
Before uniqueness is all but gone:
To love the one you are
No matter how bizarre,
Dismissing your distress
To treasure your uniqueness.


Frida Kahlo 1



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