A Beginner’s Guide to Nomophonia*

With a mobile phone
We’re never alone.
Though the very thought of losing it
Or leaving it at home
Might presuppose
A Tragedy.
Do you keep yours close beside you
When you go to bed at night
Just in case of travesty
Or gossip to delight,
Available for comment
Every moment of the day,
Overstepping the reality
Of nothing much to say…?
A human catastrophe
Beyond all proportion,
Our being out of range
The focus of apportion:
Sole responsibility
Laid upon our heads
All on account
Of what we could’ve said…
A pyre of emotions
Ignited by commotion,
Our minds running rings
Through a spiral of devotion
To this hand held object
For which we pay what’s due
(Worth its monthly fee, I’ll bet,
In handbags and shoes!)
Having read the reports
On risks to our health
And still overlooking
The drain on our wealth…
However did we manage
In the decades preceding,
To simply communicate
Without wallets bleeding?
…Do your palms get sweaty?
…Does your heart palpitate?
…Do you worry you’ll get left behind
Or just be damned well late?
What’s the worst could happen
If somebody rings
And you don’t get there fast enough
To answer the bloody thing??
However did we fall
For this mighty market con
That we cease to exist
Unless our phone’s switched on?


*  http://www.nomophobia.com/  – you know who you are!xx




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