Good Old Sussex By The Sea*

Strolling along the local prom…
Bizarre in itself, considering where I’m from:
Transported from Essex to Surrey to Herts
To London, then Brighton,
And that was the start…
After that, summoned unto Leeds
To train as a teacher and hope to succeed
In securing a post that would see me stay.
But things didn’t quite turn out that way…
Brighton was the place, you see,
To gamble on me as an NQT.*
So I packed all my boxes and headed for the coast
Still quite determined I wouldn’t stay the post.
I’ve since covered all my bases in an honourable profession,
From infancy to adulthood (a lengthy accession)
Enthusiastic still for equality in learning:
Though climbed down from my pedestal
My radar’s still discerning,
The Lesson In Life that emerges most clear
Being ‘make better use of your time while you’re here’:
That working all hours is no way of living,
Caught in a trade just *so* unforgiving.
So I jumped ship without a lifebelt-
Strewing in my wake all the cards I’d dealt.
Now twenty-five years later (-a Silver Jubilee!)
It’s time that I stopped railing at Sussex-By-The-Sea.
In spite of times of trouble, it’s somehow kept me here,
Notwithstanding serial efforts to metaphorically disappear.
Which brings me to the present
And a moment of perspective-
There’s far too much to keep me here
And most of it, subjective…


*An affectionate nickname known to me via a BHAFC supporters’ song.



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