Thought For The Day*

I sits and thinks
And sometimes I just thinks…¹
Well, actually, that’s a flagrant lie:
Today, I’m on the brink
Of giving in to lethargy.
It’s finally got the better of me.
I’ve never spent so much of my day
Being paid to hang around
Hoping for deployment
When there’s little to be found…
They gave me pens and scissors
-And a laptop to boot!
But I have no use of any of this.
What a bloomin’ hoot!
Though when I’m contemplating
If I’m loving or I’m hating
The day to day to day to day
With less to do or little to say
I find myself a-questioning
If maybe that’s the lesson:
To be or not to be2
Just counting other blessings?


*With reference and respect to Radio 4’s eponymous daily spiritual reflection,

¹- A A Milne’s old bear, Winnie the Pooh…

and ² Shakespeare’s Macbeth…



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