Bank Holiday Blues

Wouldn’t you know it would rain today?
A typical Spring Bank Holiday…
This extra time for R ‘n’ R
With all but the hardy
Confined to their car,
Precipitation, the State of the Nation
In the tacit absence of prestidigitation…
Though why we should ever expect a change,
The simplest of a weather exchange,
Is really beyond the British spirit:
It happens so often, we’re used to it…
A breath of fresh air one way to restore-
And so much better than the Superstore,
A seemingly standard British more
That sees us avoiding the out-of-doors,
Our preference for Retail Therapy
An unmarked symbol of lethargy:
A family outing for some, it seems,
As parents argue and children scream(!)
The tensions mounting as time dissolves
Design decisions as yet unresolved,
Tempers frayed and folks dismayed:
It wasn’t meant to be this way,
The hours passed with nothing achieved
But family spats, resentment and grief.
It’s back to work again tomorrow
Ploughing the old, familiar furrow…
Polite exchange at the water dispenser
Creating polite tales of weekend adventure
So, what if you pulled one out of the hat
Did something left-field and talked about that??
Imagine the kudos, the sense of achievement,
The sense of post-weekend blues appeasement…
Something to smile about in a dull moment
Circumventing the daily torment,
The ‘How Was Your Weekend?’ conversations
(So often competitive orations
As though to cover for abject boredom,
A routine feature of this forum)
Listening to colleagues, their tales of adventure
Often subject to conjecture,
Seeming just a little overblown
A measure of fantasy in the tone,
The subtle use of hyperbole
To court the envy of you and me…
But what does it matter as long as you feel
The time you spent had personal appeal:
A time for Rest and Relaxation
Without the need for reported sensation:
No place for epic competitive tales,
Over-extension beyond the pail…
So pull on your wellies and grab your mac
It’s truly the only way to fight back!


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