Gardeners’ Question Time

Guardians of the Earth.
Supposedly understanding
How delicate its worth,
Supposedly revering
The balances of nature
While that which cannot be replaced
Languishes in danger,
Eroded systematically all in the name of profit
With no recourse to consequence,
None smart enough to stop it.
Relentless erosion of forest and of field
In rabid pursuit of the riches revealed,
The passage of time sealing wanton greed
Silently fed by creation of need
Assisting in turn by competitive markets
And all but the dead beholden to targets,
With each of us passing the blame to the next,
The whingers and whiners, browbeaten and vexed,
All in our turn with our axes to grind
But lacking the will to speak as we find
Bashing out emails while gritting our teeth
In hope of securing displaced relief…
And should you be wondering where all this is going,
It’s really a question of how things are growing,
How we discharge our stewardship
For everything from the apple pip
To elephants and kangaroos
Parks and gardens, forests and zoos:
Teaching young ones to understand
The magnitude of the job in hand,
Most crucially that Earth needs care-
And only we can labour there.


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