Money Maketh Man*

Public-Private Partnership…
A whimsical kind of fellowship
Innovated by politicians
Under the auspice of improving conditions
While keeping the subtext of avarice
Buried somewhere in the mists
Of shameless political rhetoric,
A fabulously wordy Party trick
Crafted simply to bamboozle,
Hoping consequential hullabaloos’ll
Weave a silence around profiteering,
A subject really not endearing
To the general public’s mind
When many will daily struggle to find
Money just to make ends meet
For clothes on backs and shoes on feet.
Meanwhile skulking in the background
Politicians and businessmen are still to be found
Circumventing I’s and overlooking T’s
Openly wondering, ‘What’s in it for me?’
Is it naïve to question the culture
That seems to propagate well-dressed vultures
Hovering in clouds above the masses,
Middle-, Working-, Muddled-Classes?
When is ‘transparency’ ever transparent?
And why now, this tide of Evidence Apparent..?


*and possibly also Woman…MPs, that is… although none have so far been named…

…Other sources of news coverage are available.



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