Selfie Determination*

From Cave Man to Explorer
Is man’s birth-right, so it seems
While many woman sit at home
Still barely daring to dream.
Across the generations
Have things really changed so much
That those who must sit down to pee
Might now reach out and touch
The faintest of ideas ,
Of hopes and aspiration,
That might just lead to greatness,
Life-long cause for celebration?
Parents, teach your girl-kids well
It’s perfectly OK to want to excel-
Life’s not all Fairy Princess
Being Rescued From The Tower,
Much more (I’d hope) about
Realistic differential power.
The thing they rarely tell you
When you’re growing up from small
Is, yes- it is possible to have it all
But once you have secured this
What’s left to call your own
But public reputation
And a fading fancy crown?
The ‘normal distribution’
Is my simple contribution
As an illustration to debate
On possibilities of fate.
Consider that the ‘hump’
Covers mass majority-
And really, on reflection,
Is this where you’d want to be?
While in the depths of pondering
Could you see yourself strike out
To carve a pathway of your own
That might extinguish doubt?
Can you see yourself believing
In the things you hold most dear
-If the answer’s not,
What would it take to eradicate the fear?
“I am what I am!”
Ms Barbara Streisand Sang
(Even though the song was written by a man…)


* Maybe it’s a generational thing…? Original working title- ‘Great Expectations’…


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