White Lightening*

What lies beneath
The obsession with teeth
So radiant white and pearly bright
And perfectly placed
To dominate the face…?
Perhaps a distraction
From dissatisfaction
With features less prized,
An unsettling demise:
A spot or a pimple,
A misplaced wrinkle,
An over-plucked brow,
A blemish just now?
But truth be told
(If real friends are bold)
The tombstone projection
Is poor protection:
More a moderate monstrosity
Inviting curiosity…
What happened to cause you
To make a decision
To raise the profile
Of your dentition…?
Did you lose yours in a fight?
Do you take them out at night?
Are you trying to conceal
What your eyes would reveal?
Or is showing your fangs
The new High Fashion Thang…?
Do you generally groom
To dazzle the room
Or is it your preference to dazzle your foe?
Fashion or faux-pas,
this luminous glow
Really looks absurd, you know.


*Overly irradiated by celebrity dentition…


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