Daily Record*

They also serve
Who only stand and film.*
When something perfunctory
Enters our realm
We post it on the internet
For everyone to see,
Securing our moment in history,
Fulfilling a kind of social purpose
Recording what goes on around us.
A personal contribution
To this cultural revolution,
Archiving the comedy along with the mundane
The kind of stuff others walk right past
With no real sense of loss not gain…
It isn’t really artistry
It’s more a digitised diary
A simple cross-section of moments in time,
Often devoid of reason or rhyme
Something that simply caught the eye
With no real need to analyse why
Though while we might be criticised
For inappropriately roving eyes
Just occasionally, just be chance
The camera lens’s wondering dance
May happen on something critical,
Subtly atypical,
That otherwise may well be missed:
For lack of evidence, dismissed.


* I am constantly fascinated by the motivations of people who stand and film with mobile phones even when other assistance may be needed: a subject that brings to mind the courage of TV journalists and their teams whose chosen duty it is to stay put and record.



*Respect due to John Milton’s ‘On His Blindness’


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