Saturday Sporting Saga

Television prime time?
His choice, never mine.
Though I’ve learned to tolerate
The very thing I used to hate.
Angered at the over-ruling
Of Saturday’s terrestrial TV scheduling
I’ve silently absorbed the games
And even some more-famous names,
The strategies, the ways to foul,
Tantrums, throwing in the towel.
Sign language and lip reading
Help elucidate proceedings,
Just as much, the roaring crowd-
Even caned, they’re loud and proud
Screaming, chanting, roaring, singing
Even with no hope of winning,
All united in their fervour
For one team to go much further,
Battle lines drawn and rules abiding
The ref’s decision’s always binding
Notwithstanding all the drama
Rolling, sliding, general trauma
Players’ manoeuvres enterprising
Crowd excitement, volume rising
Men strewn all across the field
…So, what is the mass appeal?
This multi-million industry
Somewhat fraught with injury,
Unquestioningly a field of men.
Inevitably, here we are again…
Where’s the respect for women’s games?
Do you *know* any female footballers’ names?
From World of Sport to Match of the Day
Will prime-time man-games ever give way,
Show just a little flexibility
To respectfully acknowledge
Women’s sporting equality?


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