Confessions of a Luddite*

Help me!
I’m drowning in admin.
Interminable emails and form-filling.
Sharing my details like germs on a bus
Though while feeling resistant, I shan’t make a fuss,
Preferring a more material rhythm,
And fearing exposure of Anachronism…
I yearn above all to put pencil to paper,
To circumnavigate the popular caper
Of wasting hours on the internet
While traditional skills, we oft forget,
Would furnish the job with minimal endeavour
A flick of the wrist (so, nothing too clever!)
To write by hand in serial text
A message of clarity and context
Communicating all that’s needed
(General courtesies acceded)
Without recourse to costly equipment
Or the inevitable malcontent
Of having intentions rudely pre-empted:
‘Predictive text’? -It drives me demented!!
I *will not* surrender my literacy skills,
Any more than return to blotter and quills,
I simply reserve the right to maintain
The skills I worked so hard to gain,
From scribble to symbols to words of my own
A privilege with which I’ve grown
That needs no electronic device,
So instantly reducing the price
(As much, the portability),
Moments of lyrical possibility
Emerging from random observations
In all sort of places, odd locations,
Where, had I need of technology,
The moment would be lost.

*No headlines today… -although, for various reasons, I remain mindful of the absolutely irreplaceable power of basic manual literacy skills.

Also worth a look:   …It’s all in the neuroscience


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