Future Perfect

When I am old, I will wear Primark…*
An observation barely worthy of remark
Except to say I notice more
How older women seem self-assured
In anything they choose to wear,
The various ways they do their hair-
A far cry from the modernist stance
That gave us fabulous frock-romance;
The Dior ‘New Look’, so contrived
To fashion women’s post-war lives;
Seduce them back inside the home
From which they’d been allowed to roam
Reappointing elegance
As substitute for happenstance,
Trying to reframe the order
Brought about by war’s discord-
A tragedy of world proportions
Displaced in the female form’s distortion,
An era of competent labour rendered
To heels, seamed stockings and suspenders
-A curious way to rebuild the nation,
This voluptuous petticoat-sensation
Underpinned by towering heels
Run right through with rods of steel
(Oh, the damage wrought to flooring
By the simple stunt of turning!!!).
‘Stiletto’- small dagger, tapering blade:
A subtext not unwittingly laid
A nod perhaps to women’s wit?
I’d quite like to believe that bit-
I’ve a heard a family tale or two
Recounting use of just these shoes
By aunties (mine) found in a fix
-Perhaps best not endorse their tricks (!*)-
Though, shoes and women?- best of friends:
Love that not on weight depends
Walking flat or walking tall
Shoes for any state at all.
Add a bag for all that stuff
We carry (Is yours big enough?!)
And there we are, a style sensation
Upgraded with accessorisation …
It’s not what you buy
Or the place that you buy it-
It’s simply a question
Of how you apply it
What’s in a label? -What’s in a name?
-It’s what’s in your head
That changes the frame.
Sisters did it for themselves-beguiling:
Not to be forgotten,
That uniqueness of styling.



*  with deference to Jenny Joseph whose preference is purple!    http://www.laterbloomer.com/jenny-joseph/

* And the aunties’ tricks?… One allegedly carried a lead ball  in her evening glove; another carried pepper in her handbag. I’m given to understand tail combs had their place in the armory too…


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