Sense, Nonsense and Pedagogical Illogic*

I work hard for a living.
See me.
Don’t see
What you want to see
Just because
You saw my age
Embedded somewhere
On the page.
See the things
That I’ve achieved.
Tricks with a staple gun,
Never before or since been done…
Three-D constructions with paper and string:
Did you ever before see such a thing??
-Radically discredited in my last position,
The new head teacher having queer obsession
That all things displayed must be aligned,
Squared to inspire a tidy mind (!)
Some kind of anal-retentive bent*,
Of power, control and visual torment…
Not for me that imposition
Preferring spontaneous composition;
A misplaced restriction and one to resent
Because linearity breeds contempt.
But here, you’ll notice, I’m off-piste
Worrying for my creative release,
And by serious implication
The mentally freedom of next generations.
‘Play’, researched and documented
As respite for all, not just the tormented,
Systematically substituted
By ‘new’ ideas, carefully computed…
‘Games’ defined by electronic devices
(Notwithstanding rising prices-
Crazy how we just afford
Costly objects underscored
By some or other popular ‘need’
That parents and carers have to heed
In fear of tantrums, peer exclusions,
(Feel free to draw your own conclusions-
Group psychology an errant field
Where human frailties are revealed,
Showing how like sheep we are,
Safe with the familiar…)
But wouldn’t it luvverly
If HM Government took seriously
The simple powers of the cohort effect,
Where materialism substitutes self-respect:
What if we took away the batteries,
Banged our heads and scraped our knees?
This childhood voyage of discovery
In need of a new trajectory.


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