Rock, Paper, Scissors*

Job applications
Like pebbles on a beach
Drop into the water
And sink out of reach.
The hours of crafting
A self-attribution
An art in itself
That can lead to confusion,
The seeking and tweaking
Of core characteristics
To match with the list
Of descriptive linguistics
More words and phrases
Than I’d ever use
To describe my skills:
A task to amuse,
Just begging for little acts of play*
To match that Description
At the same time worrying
I use long words-
An entrenched criticism
That feels absurd,
As though I’m seeking to undermine
Managerial seniors,
Line by line:
Imagining all I believe I can do
On account of skills
Inevitably accrued
In pursuit of earning,
From living and learning,
From labour and grafting
And study and tests,
Though not infrequently making a mess…
The most important thing I’ve earned,
A core conditions of lessons learned,
Is that errors make the heart grow stronger,
Endurance last a little longer,
Companion to a sense of humour
Amused and ennured to signs of rumour.
Resilience is a subtle craft indeed
And one I know I’ll always need.


*For those unfamiliar with this resource-free game of chance-,-Paper,-Scissors

*And as for the theory – .     No rocket science here. See also Piaget, Vygotsky and Margaret Donaldson’s readable classic ‘Children’s Minds’, published 1978.


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