Alphabetical Pathetical*

A’s for Applications. I could decorate my cell.
B is for Boredom. All this form-filling is hell.
C is for Caffeine, to keep my small brain turning
D is for Distractions: spending money I’m not earning…
E’s for Everything that I‘ve solemnly repeated
F -two Fingers up for the way I’m feeling treated
G‘s for my Gratitude to friends who keep me going
H is for the Hedonism they have their ways of showing…
I is for Intelligence- the thing that lets me down, and
J for Jaw-dropping, the interviewer’s frown.
K is for Knowledge. The silent kind, I guess.
L, for the lassitude I’m feeling in this mess.
M is for More coffee- if just to stay awake.
N, for “No thank you” when it comes to extra cake…
O is for optimism.
P for peevishness.
Q, for Quintessential: my especial class of mess.
R‘s for Resolutions: aspirations, hopes and dreams…
S for Self-deception: things are rarely as they seem.
T is for Tediousness, the time upon my hands, and
U for Ubiquitous, my endless list of plans.
V‘s for Verification- the constant need to explain.
W for ‘Why are you asking me again and again and again??’
X is for X-haustion: this endless repetition.
Y for Yearning to escape this stuck position.
Z is for Zebra, deserving of homage
for looking very gorgeous while also camouflaged…


* Boredom is palpable. The job search continues…


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