Official Secrets*

It’s not what you do
It’s the way that you skew it-
The stories appended
To help folks construe it,
Creating an alibi
Simply to justify
A personal peculiarity,
The way you want the world to be;
A clearly defined but circular view,
A vision of life down a cardboard tube,
Something critically worthy of challenge,
Perhaps even prompted by thoughts of revenge…
Spun with a gift to win over the masses,
Emotive banter ‘mid the chattering classes…
So many different ways to spin
A tight situation in the bid to win,
Wars of Words, while sometimes absurd
Often the only way to be heard.
Freedom of certain information
Stilled to avoid a big sensation,
Silently controlled from deep within
(Stiff Upper Lip and rakish chin-).
Imagine the archives deep in a bunker,
A place where sensitive details hunker
Waiting a decent period of time
In order to somehow disperse a crime…
Depending, of course, on who’s at fault-
The Great and The Good buried deep in a vault
Keeping each other’s enigmas intact
With some or other Parliamentary Act-
The years between providing protection
For unmarked historical insurrection.
Though even, with the decades past,
Some are still guaranteed to outlast
The boundaries of their secrecy
With special protection
For the Powers That Be.
But look on the bright side
Permission’s now granted
(Should we feel there’s some advantage)
To dig in the archives for ancient history,
With presupposition of some kind of mystery
Imagine the kudos! Imagine the craic!
Imagine discovering some way back
A bend in the road that changes the story-
A private moment of Hope and Glory!
Notwithstanding concealment of facts
-And that someone saw fit to hold these back…
-in which I think there’s a typo… The headline reads ‘Freedom of Information charges’ instead of ‘changes’,  from which, the following quote

“BBC political correspondent Ross Hawkins says campaigners, opposition politicians and many journalists regarded the independent review of EU legislation with deep suspicion, concerned the government wanted to curtail a law that allowed them to reveal embarrassing facts about its failings.”


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