Ambulant Meditation*

I have discovered
Out by myself, so no talking,
Except for the muttering into my beard
Which, by all accounts can only be hear-d
By someone passing too close to me
-And as the first sign of lunacy,
A strong deterrent, I suspect,
As I unwittingly cathect…
Meditation implicit therein,
And *SO* much cheaper than the gym.
A space of my own
Sans telephone
(Though there out of habit
Should I need to grab it-
With ringtones allocated
To those few fated
To be called upon
If something goes wrong-
And equally, to identify
Those whose approaches I might choose to deny)
And so, I tread a familiar beat,
Round the houses, down the streets
Over the hills (there are many of those-
To which I’m increasingly well disposed…)
And not infrequently baring a load,
Mostly comestibles for the abode
Resulting from purchase of simple ‘essentials’
Ranging from vital to inconsequential-
The bringing home of edible things
Both purpose and reward
For my wanderings.



* Keep your eyes open for the woman deeply engaged in a conversation with herself who stops only to talk to cats. Swerving by in silence, perfectly acceptable…


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