Protection Money*

A game horse
When it comes to discussion
Depending, of course, on one’s position:
To be among those who absolutely agree
That theirs is the only way to be,
Conferring a seat on the Members Ship
A kind of corporation whip
To keep in tow
Those in the know
Witholding the map of places to go.
A passport to opportunity
Permitting only some to see…
An open secret,
A secret code;
Professional community
Or single-track road?
An in-group
A shake-it-all-about-group
Or one with choreography surpassing a dance troupe…?
An intellectual playground for those of Best Fit,
Shared sense of belonging, the important bit..
Assimilation, a curious more
Something we’re each of us striving for,
Seeking a place with the safeties of childhood
The mates, the japes and the common good.
The problems come with the membership fee-
An often stupendous amount of money,
Just to get my name on a list
And prove to the world that I *DO* exist.
Much more than that, I’m one of so many
All checking a box to face the same way,
Subscription by process of duress-
Why pay…?
Back in the old days, they called it ‘Protection’:
A culture of East-enders-style insurrection,
These days glamorised,
Rebranded insurance-
We pays the money
‘Cos we won’t take the chance…



*My cynicism runs deep. With very good reasons, not appropriate to express here….


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