The process of selection
For the US Presidential Election
Seems a curious kind of carnival
With its multitude of rivals,
The dropouts and survivals,
Florid, confident rhetoric
Apparently endemic
With candidates across the board
Seeking attention of voting hoards
In a process that’s set to run and run:
Really not my kind of fun,
Curiosity and intrigue
Giving way to campaign fatigue.
And meanwhile,
On this sceptred isle,
Our own politicians look set for a trial,
With Boris and David
About to get naked
In a battle of positions
On the European Question.
It’s a complicated business,
All too easy to dismiss.
The heartfelt orations,
The sense of consternation,
A muddied competition
With that sense of repetition,
The conflictions of charity
And basic humanity,
Money, migrants, sovereignty,
The long term future of this country,
The length of a list of incumbent conditions
Used by all parties to express their positions:
Arguments For and Arguments Against
Set against a third option to sit right on the fence…


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