Barriers in the Wasteland*

There’s nothing especially smart or sage
To be said on the topic of Age and Stage.
The viewpoints expressed
Can sometimes distress,
Depending on need of a wage.
Square peg, round hole…
The sum of the parts greater than the whole…
Reminders that ‘over-qualification’
Doth not befit for any station
-This descriptor above all
Calculated to forestall,
Bearing in mind I’ve been on the earth
Fifty-plus years since the day of my birth.
Peeling the layers right away
Wastes a little more time each day.
Searching ads on the internet?
-I’ve seen that many, it’s easy to forget
The focus of skills, my common sense,
Those ‘years of experience’.
So I took me to an agency
To talk Temporary Positions
The youthful folk encountered there
Courting my derision…
I’m first asked to provide, you see,
My own self-financed CRB…
A shock some readers might imagine,
Given what’s supposed to happen,
That employers, potential or otherwise,
Must for their own purpose, pay that price,
An innocent voice retorting, ‘Ya!’
Affirming, ‘That’s just How Things Are.’
An experience leaving me feeling amiss
And fairly sure I’ll be last on their list.
Needless to say, I feel I’ve failed:
Another endeavour to no avail,
Reminding again ‘over-qualification’
Is not befitting of many stations.
What, then, should I so omit
In order to suggest an easier fit?
Smaller words with fewer syllables?
Simpler sentences making me biddable?
Longer hair to look more girlie?
-Even better if it were curly
So I could stake expectations early
And sit and wait
And wait and sit
And actively be seen to twiddle it…
In order to just to match those fraudsters
Whose female foibles seem quite out of order…
Mascara-thick lashes and overdrawn eyebrows
-What kind of impression should that espouse..?
Would I be better with a large tattoo
And just for good measure, a few piercings too?(!)
Needless to say, I feel I’ve failed:
Another endeavour to no avail.
Which information should I choose to omit
To ease me closer to the hope of
‘best fit’…?


* In lateral deference to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, for anyone remembering the state of unemployment in the 80s- and all that emerged from it ;0)


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