A & E*

I came
I sat
I waited
And, if I’m honest,
In a straggling queue
Of the black and blue
Patiently waiting
While contemplating
Exactly what I should do.

Patients came
And patients went,
Each with injuries to present
Every one, it seemed to me
Graced with supportive company
While I sat solitarily,
Some way to the west of merry,
Private in my sanctuary,
Trying not to resent…

Hours passed
My moment came,
Summoned by my formal name,
To sit and so explain my plight
(Struggling with all my might
To compose my arrant mind,
Easily distracted at the best of times)
In order just to ascertain
Whether, with pulsating pain,
I’m actually all right.

With all the time
I waited there,
Watching live-streamed medical care,
Impressions gathered evidence
Of care, compassion and commitment,
Every person’s contribution
Working towards a medical solution
While patients came
And patients went
In pursuit of biological defence.

The waiting in line,
The pressures placed,
Upon this taken-for-granted service,
Overstretching all involved
-Patients vexed
And powers devolved-
Professionals, public
All and one
Wishing from the heart
That something would be done.

Why deconstruct
A such a dedicated workforce?
-Except in the name of politics
Of course.



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