Flexible Working

A condition
Of which I’ve been cured,
My present position
Being somewhat inured
By change over which I had no control,
A consequence somewhat provoking my soul
To so many implications
Of a tortuous situation,
Blurred from scanning endless ads
Hoping against hope there’s a space to be had.
Endless re-crafting of personal statements
That all too often resemble laments…
Reminding how things used to be
Before I descended to ignominy
A state of fact, not state of mind-
There’s plenty to do in the day, I find
From sitting to sitting-and-watching-TV
To sitting-and-watching-and-typing, you see,
The time between spent playing with words
Making myself sound quite absurd,
Crafting those paragraphs supposed to convey
The reasons that demand to be paid…
The trouble is, I’m not the sort
To treat self-publicity as a sport,
Waxing lyrically about my skill’s
Enough to leave me feeling ill
Not least because where I excel
Is other folks’ idea of hell…
Cutting anything from paper:
A messy, entertaining caper
Without much hope of application
In a work place situation…
Germans call it Scherenschnitte,-
(Perhaps that’s posh for ‘making litter’?)
It’s good to know there’s heritage
As I surround myself with garbage,
Snip-snip snip-snip snip-snip snipping
Fine confetti lightly frittering
Floating as a testament
To totally pointless creative intent.
Singing in three-part harmony
Also quite inspires me,
Though it’s quite an odd request
That choral partners so attest
To the skills and joy we share-
Unfeasible to have them there!
Though at once a touch amusing-
Just imagine the confusion…
‘Why are you to suited this position?’
Met with harmonious composition…
And not intending to be rude,
I do enjoy the solitude,
Happily cluttering alone
Ignoring emails, mobile phone,
Half an ear on daytime broadcasts
Kind of helps the time to pass,
Cat appearing intermittently
Like she’s checking up on me,
Or just hoping I’m not there
So she can repossess her chair…
Surely there’s a market place
For folk like me, a bit misplaced?
“Unusual skills and somewhat pointless:
Spectacular capacity to generate mess”?
As strap-lines go, perhaps not great.
Should I fit your bill,
Please don’t hesitate….


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