Discourse Analysis

I watch way too much TV.
I know myself: no need to tell me-
Though in truth, I don’t take in
Very much, if anything,
Often otherwise engaged
Scribbling something on a page
Or scrolling down the internet feed
At a totally unfeasible speed,
Checking out what life is there
-Not that I could really care
About the idle tittle-tattle
Of public lives so easily rattled,
Nor that I would pay attention
(Any more extend retention)
To such details as proclaimed
In the run to name and shame
Anyone who earns their wage
Putting themselves on centre stage.
Difference makes the world go round:
It really isn’t that profound
That human curiosity
At times incurs pomposity,
Anger even, irritation,
Verbose and volatile oration,
All responses so expressed
However much they cause distress,
Quite entitled to the space
(And possible consequential disgrace)
To speak a truth that they perceive,
To celebrate as much to grieve,
Remembering, though,
(And this is vital)
That while we each are so entitled
To express the views we hold,
A consequence of being bold
Is not to be that well received
For the things that we believe,
Perhaps reminding of the need
To show respect for others’ creed.


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