A Catholic Conundrum


The absolute, unquestionable sanctity of life
Is an easy rule to live by until it is tests belief,
So fundamentally entrenched
With no turning back
Until some insidious event
Signals attack.
Then silently
The doubts begin,
The worries and the questioning,
The sadness and the soul searching,
With prayers and conversation
Feeding media sensation.
A worldwide discipleship
In heartfelt prayers for leadership,
The risks of imperfection
An emotive predilection.
For all that I respect the choice
Of individual human voice,
Of prayers, rituals, deity,
It’s personal responsibility
That surely makes the difference,
Though arguably a poor defence
Against the centuries-old position
That none but God may take decisions
On the ‘sanctity’ of life
-Until, so suddenly, the strife
Of human fragility,
Prospective disability,
Crowds the stage
Invoking rage,
Demanding culpability.
I cannot pray- can only wonder
At thousands of partnerships rent asunder
Facing something quite unknown
With seeds of doubt already sown
And even leaders of their faith
Considering another way
With life’s unchallenged sanctity
Now vexed by disability,
Harshly forcing into light
Practices hitherto out of sight:
Floodgates publicly forced open
A nation’s only way of coping.
None can judge, can only witness
The tragedy of nature’s business.






Confidential emotional support, worldwide-



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