Track and Field

The loneliness of the long-distance runner…*
A consequence of choice?
A matter of honour?
An open perception of those looking on
As though aloneness is socially wrong?
As though we each must seek companions
For joy, as much for commiserations,
Not taking account of a right to decision
Fundamental to the human condition:
The question of purpose,
The reasons to be,
Perhaps a topic to take seriously
Or simply, letting events unfold
Waiting to see how the story is told:
Travelling on without navigation
To no particular destination,
No particular sense of goal,
Submitting to forces beyond control,
Cause-effect the natural rhythm
Without the tangents of indecision.
Qué sera, whatever will be-
Is that what they call destiny?


*the outcome of conversation with a friend yesterday- referring to a mutual former colleague’s inexhaustible commitment work.



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