Blonde and stellar
Fairy-tale fantasy,
A gift to girls from the age of three.
Oh how she struggled!
Oh how maligned!
How could her sisters have been so unkind?
What did poor Cinders sore evoke
From deep in the souls of her kindred folk?
Why that hatred, that hideous jealousy?
-Ah, yes. It’s all coming back to me.
Such was the cliché that she was the beauty
Whose foot was destined for that booty
While her sisters, vilely portrayed
We’re told, felt crushed and bitterly dismayed
The lesson we girls are supposed to learn
Is how devoted servitude will ultimately earn
A handsome prince, a horse and carriage
-notably preceded by marriage:
A happy-ever-aftering
A whopping glistening diamond ring…
But for all your trust, naïve belief,
Just be aware it can end in grief
The damage that runs even deeper
(Assuming your prince is actually a keeper)
Is the entrenched fantasy
That for life-long love-reality
Stick-thin blonde is the *only* way to be…
But hey, girlfriends, don’t reach for the bleach
Or kid yourselves lifelong dieting’s chic
Let’s face the truth, let’s not be callow
Who’d want a bloke that’s really that shallow…?


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