A Matter of Perspective

What makes ‘extremists’ extreme?
Is it as simple as chasing a dream
Pursuing ideas against popular belief
Or is it making a point by enactment of grief?
Is it something insidious, the corruption of minds,
A mental capacity to undermine?
Distortion of reference points,
Cultural mores,
Inciting a fear of Them Next Door?
A line of reasoning perilously thin
That perpetrates some notion of sin?
Some ill-defined sense of animal fear
That Something Bad’s going to happen here?
Banner headlines six feet tall
Using vocabulary set to appal;
Subtle as a sledgehammer,
Refined as a brick,
Carefully shrouded in rhetoric?
Pictures culled from internet stock
Maliciously photo-shopped to shock?
-It’s amazing how a facial expression
So easily gives the wrong impression…
Context is all- those subtle clues
That build the picture of headline news,
Fed to minds just hungry for battle-
They’ll take on board any tittle-tattle!
Plant a seed and let it fester
Make-believe the sinister
Grow a harm to feed the nation,
Multi-media sensation.
But why?
What purpose does it serve
To drag a nation by its nerves?
What pleasure comes from such a fight
To undermine constitutional rights,
Tarring with the broadest brush,
Launching a full-on rhetorical ambush?
Freedom Of Speech, a pillar of salt
If the best we can do is trade insults,
The loudest noise made by the few
Somewhat distorting the popular view,
Complicating things indeed
Because of differences in Creed.






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