Compound Disinterest – the musical…

I am what I am.
I am my own special creation,*
Rigorously underpinned
By years in education…
Ergo, Miss Brodie,*
Perhaps you had your doubts?
It’s neither about the Putting In
Or the Leading Out…
The trouble is I’m female.
The trouble is I’m stuck.*
I’m overage and over-stage
And being over-qualified
Is something to deride.
In my head I can ride a unicycle
Balanced on a tight-rope;
Give me any situation
And I’ll find a way to cope.
But age is not an option,
Much less, life-style device,
Any more than experience
Amassed through personal choice.
So why do I feel so disavowed,
So robbed of my voice?
The hills are alive*
With women who survive*
In circumstances worse than mine,
Carrying themselves with dignity
And generally more refined.
The acres of cut-and-pasting
Are seriously taking a toll,
Stretching my limits of temperament
And taunting my self-control.
Gallons of coffee
Then more of the same-
So hard to believe it’s not all in vain,
And that’s just the beginning…
I don’t feel like I’m winning.
Next, the ‘Personal Statement’
A source of some displacement…
A not-inconsiderable oration
In attempt to redeem my station
For taking a chance,
Launching career advance
With so much stacked against me.
The upshot is inevitable:
I just can’t change a thing.
So what you see is what you get
-Let’s face the music
And SING!*



In order of appearance:

*Homage is due to the imitable, anthemic, eponymous Gloria Gaynor classic

*Possible false memory syndrome WRT Muriel Spark’s ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’

*Ditto- Misrepresentation from the inimitable ‘West Side Story’- my all-time favourite musical

*…with reference to ‘The Sound of Music’, courtesy of the equally inimitable Rogers and Hammerstein

* WRT Diana Ross’ anthemic ‘I will survive’, written by the infrequently mentioned Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris.

*Eternal thanks are due to everyone who makes up the incredible ‘Lewes Sings Gospel’, ‘my’ community choir and my sanctuary.


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