Christmas Continues: Sale or Return.

Christmas continues.
Though shopping is allowed-
As if we haven’t done enough
To supplement the crowds.
And just to really rub it in
This is the day the sales begin…
So not content to rest awhile,
Advertising to beguile
Rushes forth from every aspect
Absolutely no respect
For the love and effort spent
As friends and family repent
That choice they made has fallen short
Of reactions they had sought
(-Privately, you understand).
These things so easily get out of hand:
Making sure receipts are kept
A practice that while quite inept
Inevitably saves the day,
Exchange or refund the simple way
To ensure the recipient’s pleasure,
Choosing something at their leisure
Thereafter to append a name
When others ask from whence it came…
The giving of gifts in days of yore
Seemed far in a way a less effortful chore,
When limited budgets meant thoughtful planning
Avoiding all this connivance and scamming;
Avoiding the scrum heading into the sales-
A setting where sheer endurance prevails,
Standing in line with tens of strangers,
The random community of gift-exchangers
Waiting for their time to swap
Their items for something else in the shop-
Or to take the money instead
And buy themselves something they *really* wanted,
Though inscribing your title just isn’t the same
As if you’d made better choice in their name…
Call me ol’ fashioned or whatever you will,
I wish that Christmas were simple still,
The thought the thing to really count,
Not the remunerated amount.


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