Public Rant-Sport…

My Achilles Heel
Has been revealed…
Incurred by fa-laa
When driving the car
To a place unknown,
That I hadn’t been shown,
Couldn’t find on the map
And forgot me the satnav…
I can’t navigate for toffee!
Please, don’t anybody ask me
To travel to an unknown place
And risk repeated gross disgrace:
To go where I’ve not been before
Renders feelings feelings far too raw!
Could I afford, I’d go by taxi
-much more likely to relax me.
I’m fine with buses, local routes,
And, more than that, I’m great on foot:
I walk for miles around the town
And save myself the several crowns-
£4.60 there and back?!
– There’s other things to do with that,
Caffeine, my especial foible
To sit in cafés when I’m oible
Soaking up the ambiance
-Which, to be fair is lately scant
With Public Parents and their offspring
Dominating everything
And folks with dogs spread on the floor.
That’s surely not what dogs are for?!
What’s to choose between this place
And parks with all that the mud and space…?
Once more, *again*, my mind erratic,
Wouldn’t it just be fantastic-
Brighton Council, wouldn’t it be fab
If EVERYone could afford a cab,
Deserving more luxuriousness
Than your rather exorbitantly overpriced buses…


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