Upstanding Advantage

We’re back in space.
There’s no longer a race
To waft about in this mystical place.
More a sense of steadfastness
Returning to the infinite vastness,
A steady kind of confidence
That comes sans subtext of self-defence.
Or so They’d have us understand
While things up there proceed as planned,
The Awe and Wonder hard to beat
When looking up there from the street,
Capturing something of the mood
That marked our Sixties childhoods:
The bravery and the boldness,
The progress-unforetoldness,
The childish awe and wonder,
That made the whole world ponder
While simultaneously affirming
Science ain’t a women’s thing.
It is, of course, a man’s man’s world-
A sharp reminder to the girls
That basic physiology
Overshadows capability,
Standing up to have a pee
The ultimate human liberty….


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