Season’s Mistreatings

The topical crisis in social care
Suggests the public are so unaware,
Unable to manage the needs of their young,
Neglecting the elderly in preference for fun,
Failing to educate, failing to learn-
There’s criticism wherever we turn,
Media so quick to lay the blame,
To name, to criticise
And ultimately shame,
While politicians are wheeled out
Atop party soap boxes, keen to spout
That measuring everything clearly allows
A true reflection of what ‘We’ espouse.
All I’m hearing is well-rehearsed speakers
Keen to emphasise Eurekas…
Highlighting ‘Need’ to cover omission
As though refocussing their mission
With rhetoric to riddle the mind
And shore up those politics opined
As absolutely just the ticket
In spite of the crashingly obvious own-wickets:
That Voters are struggling
To feel authenticity,
Scrimping and saving to buy electricity,
Worrying about the costs of water,
Job prospects for sons and daughters,
Elderly parents who can’t cope alone
Not unreasonably resisting the need to leave home.
To pack up a life with all of its memories
And carry it elsewhere is hardly a remedy.
With all the advantage of twenty-first century
Are we really as Merry as we thought we’d be?
‘Tis the season we’re meant to be jolly:
Do we stand as equals or in folly?
Do we have just cause to celebrate
Or have we left all a little too late?


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