Christmas Past

I am on the kids’ side in a war against Christmas.*
It seems all the build-up just isn’t good for some of us.
From late in October when Halloween is done,
Retailers and schedulers just spoil all the fun.
Tinsel, glitter, catalogues,
Multi-aisle displays,
Every shop and supermarket
Striving to amaze.
Well- maybe that’s not strictly true:
To read between the lines
It’s more about the profits
Than the story Divine.
Money verses Magi
A weird competition,
Gold versus frankincense
And hours of indecision…
Lists of what the family want
No matter what you’d choose.
And make sure receipts are safe-
Be careful not to lose!
Stepping over right of choice,
The giving from the heart,
Seems a sorrowful accompaniment
To the Bible Story part.
I am on the kids’ side
To keep it all low key,
Well-loved decorations
Hanging from a tiny tree,
Time to stop and thank the Lord
For all the things we can afford;
Comfort, joy and company
All crowded with the family
Round the table or TV
Watching repeats from the Seventies(!)
Love to the ones your with
And those in far off places
That make your Christmas special
Overlooking past disgraces…


*Ref: Steve Turner’s ‘I Am On The Kids’ Side’ (1980). Mr Turner, if you read this, you’ve been a major influence  ;0)


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