Damp Squib…

Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of November
Gunpowder, Treason And Plot!
The setting of fire to anything
Is possibly best forgot…
Recalling Sixties safety adds,
Their message vivid learning,
With images of kids and pets
All victims of burning.
I never quite transcended
This poignant, scarring presage,
Leaving me with cowardice
Emblazoned as a message.
So, given the rain, the bitter wind
And generally appalling weather
There’s little else to self-distract
But a night of self-enforced leisure.
They say to lock your pets in,
Protect them from the noise:
I hazard the same cannot be said
For little girls and boys.
At least the Trick Or Treating’s done,
The ghouls all chased away-
And I haven’t had to celebrate
A Happy Fireworks Day.
It’s blinds down, glass of wine
And passive Cat Protection;
A little time to contemplate
My weekend insurrection(!)
To everyone in Lewes,
Past, present and Choir
Have a fabulous Big Parade
And set the place on fire!


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