Parking in Brighton
Is sure enough to frighten
All but the hardiest
And the maverick disregardiest
With notices on *every* post
About the need to spend the ££most
In order to secure a spot
In any local parking lot.
The irony
If you’ll pardon me
Is the blithely contradictory
Residential parking fee-
A tax secured beyond appeal
For permission to rest one’s wheels
On the street outside one’s own abode
For the obvious purpose to unload
Anything from kids to carrier bags.
And here’s where the argument really sags…
We’re damned if we do and damned if we dare
To find other ways to travel there
With taxis just a luxury
And bus fares a profiteering mockery;
With visitors in their droves arriving
Via the cheaper mode of driving
Nose to tail, their needs prevail
Over those of local residents,
Whose retail endeavours, to all intents,
Are supposed to protect the environment.
So, please, politicians of local reputation
Isn’t it time to intervene with more than an Oration…?
Take B&H Bus Co firmly in hand
And make them properly understand
While older people ride for free
The rest of us must pay your fee.
The point of public transport *surely* isn’t
To leave your patrons poor as peasants?


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