My Left Foot

Are like penguins.
They’re hard to tell apart
As each assures their rivals
They are speaking from the heart.
Each assures the public
It’s our interests
That they bear
-This is why they do the job:
They absolutely, really care.
And here is where the ironies
Begin show themselves-
The Chambers might as well
Be filled with pixies as with elves
For all the work experience
These pontificators share
From doing baseline grubby stuff
In the Big Wide World out there.
So many frontline voices
With a core of Public School
Whose major lines of argument
Make rivals feel like fools.
The loudness of their points of view
Purporting with such vigour
To understand the Working Man
Are enough to make one snigger.
Well in to the twenty-first century
Where is the authenticity…?
Where the knowledge of how life is
From juggling bills and herding kids,
To signing on -and on -and on
Because apparently
You’ve done something wrong
In not being just like Average Jo(e)
(The one every politician seems to know)
But wanting to make choice to suit
With either boot on whichever foot…
While the laces might be loose
It’s every person’s right to choose-
To exercise political voice,
To live and to learn by
Consequences of Choice.


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